President of the People Who Agree With Me (jetblack) wrote in animefaire,
President of the People Who Agree With Me

More Guests!

We are pleased to add the following Guests of Honor to our list:

Music Group: 13-37 will be performing LIVE in the Peace Plaza on Saturday!

Lindsay Cibos
Artist/Writer: Winner of Tokyopop's second Rising Stars of Manga contest and author of the Tokyopop title, Peach Fuzz!

Samantha Inoue Harte
Voice Actor/Animator: Voice of Ri Kohran from Sakura Wars TV and animator from Clerks: The Animated Series!

Wendee Lee
Voice Actor/Writer/Director: Veteran voice actor from such series as Robotech, Ai Yori Aoishi, Cowboy Bebop, and Dirty Pair!

Artist/Writer: Author of the webcomic, Tea Club!

Detailed guest biographical information will be available in the coming days, so please visit our Guests page for more information!
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