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Discounts! Discounts!


JTAF2 Attendees will enjoy some discounts from the local stores:

  • 10% OFF at Denny's on Saturday and Sunday (must show badge).

  • 10% OFF at Kinokuniya on Saturday through Monday with purchase of $50 or more (must show badge and present coupon provided in registration bag).

  • 10% OFF at Japan Video and Media on Saturday and Sunday (must show badge). For purchases only, not rentals.

  • 10% OFF at Mikado Music and Laser Japan on Saturday and Sunday (must show badge).

Toby he works at the white house

More Guests!

We are pleased to add the following Guests of Honor to our list:

Music Group: 13-37 will be performing LIVE in the Peace Plaza on Saturday!

Lindsay Cibos
Artist/Writer: Winner of Tokyopop's second Rising Stars of Manga contest and author of the Tokyopop title, Peach Fuzz!

Samantha Inoue Harte
Voice Actor/Animator: Voice of Ri Kohran from Sakura Wars TV and animator from Clerks: The Animated Series!

Wendee Lee
Voice Actor/Writer/Director: Veteran voice actor from such series as Robotech, Ai Yori Aoishi, Cowboy Bebop, and Dirty Pair!

Artist/Writer: Author of the webcomic, Tea Club!

Detailed guest biographical information will be available in the coming days, so please visit our Guests page for more information!
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JTAF2: GoH Update!

Michael Poe

The creator, writer, and artist of Exploitation Now and Errant Story is coming to the Second Annual JapanTown Anime Faire! This will be Mr. Poe's first appearance at JTAF.

J. Shanon Weaver

We are pleased to welcome Mr. J. Shanon Weaver to the JapanTown Anime Faire this year. Mr. Weaver has lent his vocal talent to Samurai X, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, and Soul Hunters. This will be Mr. Weaver's first visit to JTAF.
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JTAF2: GoH Update!

Brett Weaver (Actor) - The JapanTown Anime Faire Staff is pleased to welcome Mr. Brett Weaver to our convention this year. Mr. Weaver has lent his vocal talent to Anime titles such as Sorceror Hunters, Excel Saga, Original Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Slayers, and many others. This is Mr. Weaver's first visit to JTAF.
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JTAF2: Guests of Honor Announcements!

We are very pleased to announce the following confirmed Guests of Honor:

Aeire (Artist/Writer) - JTAF is pleased to announce and welcome Aeire as a guest of honor this year. Aeire is the creator, artist, and writer of Queen of Wands (Website, Community: qow). She will be joining us this year for the first time.

Carol Jacobanis (Actress/Singer) - Please join us in welcoming back Ms. Carol Jacobanis to JTAF this year. Ms. Jacobanis has lent her voice to numerous anime roles in such titles as Revolutionary Girl Utena, Pokemon, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, and many others. This will be Ms. Jacobanis' second visit to JTAF and we're looking forward to having her back with us for another fun-filled weekend.

r*k*milholland (Artist/Writer) - We are pleased to announce and welcome Mr. r*k*milholland to the JapanTown Anime Faire this year. Mr. Milholland is the creator, artist, and writer of Something Positive (Website, Community: som_pos). This will be Mr. Millholland's first visit to JTAF.

We will be announcing more guests as we confirm them! Keep watching here or at our brand new website:
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Looking forward to JTAF 2!

I just wanted to write a little note saying how much fun I had at JTAF this weekend, and how much I'm looking forward to working at next year's event! I invite anyone with a complaint or comment to list it here in this thread. Thanks!
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Press Release (8/28/2003)


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 28, 2003) -- San Francisco-based productions company, Project 760 Productions and the Japantown Merchants Association are pleased to announce the first Japan Town Anime Faire (JTAF) (

Japan Town Anime Faire is a two-day Japanese animation convention held on September 13-14, 2003 at the historic Japan Town location in San Francisco, California. The event will be held at three locations in Japan Town: The Best Western Miyako Inn, the Radisson Miyako Hotel and the Peace Plaza at Japan Center.

Ray Nagar, JTAF chief organizer said, "There are major anime events in Southern California and the South Bay area but for years, anime fans have asked why the Japan Town area hasn’t had its own anime event. Through the help of the merchants in Japan Town, that idea has become a reality."

Japan Town Anime Faire’s diverse programming schedule includes Japanese animation screening rooms, a masquerade/cosplay contest, a dance (sponsored by Paramount's ParaCon), an Anime Faire swap meet, information tables, guest panels, video gaming room, contests and more! Panel programming consists of fan panels as well as panels hosted by our guests of honor.

Hotel reservations can be made by calling the Radisson Miyako Hotel direct reservations line (1-800-333-3333) or the Best Western Miyako Inn direct reservations line (1-800-780-7234).

A full weekend pass for the Japan Town Anime Faire is $12.00. A single day pass is $8.00. Public registration hours are 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and 9 AM to 1 PM on Sunday.

If you would like to reserve media passes for Japan Town Anime Faire, please contact us at

Additional information on Japan Town Anime Faire, including event details, registration and hotel information can be found on the JTAF website. Please visit <> for the latest updates or contact Project 760 Productions at or telephone 415.505.9878.


About Project 760 Productions
Project 760 Productions is a San Francisco-based independent television production company, which produces television programs for community access stations. Created in 1997, its purposes are to inform, educate and entertain audiences on a variety of topics, catering to various age groups.

Project 760 Productions produces "World of Anime", a Japanese animation (anime) fandom television magazine that focuses on news and reviews related to the anime industry. World of Anime was cablecast through California public access stations in Antioch, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Mountain View, San Mateo County, San Francisco as well as parts of Arkansas and Ohio.

About Japan Town Merchant’s Association
The Japan Town Merchants Association's specific and primary purpose is to provide a united and organized effort by all member merchants to advertise, promote and publicize Japan Town for the mutual benefit of all members and for Japan Town as a whole.

Event Contact Information
Project 760 Productions:

- Ray Nagar, 415.505.9878,
- Mike Garcia,

Press Contact Information
nt2099 media and entertainment:

- Dennis A. Amith,

J!-ENT - Japanese Entertainment in English

Since 1993
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Japantown Anime Faire 2003

Welcome to the official Japantown Anime Faire livejournal community. I'm your host and maintainer, and I'll be actively participating in conversation and feedback on feedback. My duties for 2003 include marketing, press relations, and convention operations. I work rather closely with the chairman of the Faire, and can pass feedback directly to him, if necessary.

I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to write some feedback for us, and I'm looking forward to communicating with you all. Thanks!

-- ZC
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