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The Japantown Anime Faire

Anime Fandom in the City

The Official JapanTown Anime Faire LiveJournal
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All Members , Moderated
Maintainers: jetblack and tidus, JTAF Staff

Code of Conduct: This community is used for current and prospective attendees to join together and discuss any anime-related topic that may come to mind. Free speech is to be respected on both sides any conflict, but when all else fails, common sense should prevail.

Important Notice about providing Feedback!
Comments about JTAF should have "[JTAF Feedback]" in the subject line for better visibility. JTAF staffers will reply in kind, just give us some time. We'd like to thank everyone who sends us feedback for their time and consideration to help make JTAf a better event. We can't do this without you! :)